Leather Wall Vase

In honor of 10 years of making people happy and peaceful through Lavande lavender products, we offer you a way to display the bounty of this year's harvest.  We have partnered with leather artists Erdem and Zeynep, husband and wife creators of Polt Atolye Design in Brooklyn, New York to bring you a limited edition wall vase.  Available in three color variations, hand-crafted of the finest leather, and standing 20" tall x 6" wide, 2" deep, this unique presentation comes with a bundle of dried lavender straight from our field  The bundle should emit full scent for several months at which time you may replace with dried flowers or other decorations of your own imagination.  We are grateful for all the customers who have allowed our products into their homes and know you will enjoy this special way to add beauty and fragrance to your environment.