Our Story

If you tell a Texan he can't do something, he'll come back with a chuckle and say, "I'll show you."

The seed was planted for Lavande when artist-photographer, Craig Stewart toured the countryside of Provence shooting a series for his line of stationery, Point of View cards. The spectacular vistas and alluring scent were irresistible, and he was hooked. When he returned to his ranch in Austin County, Texas, he looked over his hay meadow and visualized the scene of his dreams: lush purple spikes rustling in the constant breeze, wafting through the gently rolling landscape, against the brilliant Texas sky. Well, Texas is famous for cows, oil, wide open spaces, trucks, boots, and country music. Texas isn't famous for lavender or olives, nor is it conducive to these products. Nevertheless, he picked up the challenge and created a little corner of France, Texas-style. 

Tons of sand and limestone, miles of underground irrigation lines, and pounds of sweat were necessary to make the dream of Lavande a reality. Growing lavender has given us the ability to leave the stress and noise of the city to experience the serenity sought by centuries of people from all walks of life.

Success in farming the Texas soil has inspired us to realize our new calling in this “field,” so to speak. We have taken our lavender dream and incorporated a life-long dream of living in California. Before purchasing land here, we ran soil tests, and the results exceeded those in Provence. What began as a difficult, but worthwhile adventure in Texas is now becoming a soaring, joyful thrill on a ridge in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley in the Central Coast of California.

Our product line reflects the elegance of the French countryside. Each item is hand made, often by Farmer Craig himself. Uses for lavender are endless, so we invite you to relax and explore this beautiful experience along with us.